Sunday, June 7, 2009

Syracuse University Professor Boyce Watkins Joins NBC

Dr. Boyce Watkins, a Finance Professor at Syracuse University, will be joining NBC to do financial analysis and commentary.  Through various forms of television and online media, Dr. Watkins will do regular financial segments and articles on a variety of financial and socio-political topics. 

One of the financial segments will be "Financial Lovemaking", based on his book "Financial Lovemaking 101: Merging Assets with Your Partner in Ways that Feel Good".  He will also do "The Dr Boyce Breakdown", a segment in which he analyzes complex socio-political issues and breaks them down so that regular Americans can understand them.  This is part of Dr. Watkins' plan for Scholarship in Action, in which he is working aggressively to ensure that all Americans embrace financial literacy and that African Americans find the path to true equality.  Dr. Watkins has been consistently calling for more publicly engaged Black scholarship, so that African American scholars can be on the forefront of controversial issues within the Black community.

In addition to being a faculty member at Syracuse University, Dr. Watkins is a regular contributor to AOL Black Voices, where his column "Dr. Boyce Money" is among the most popular on the website.  AOL Black Voices is the most visited Black news website in America, with 114,000 readers per day.  He also does regular work with NPR, CNN and other media outlets, in addition to scholarly research and teaching.

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