Friday, April 10, 2009

Roland Martin Gets His Own CNN Gig

by Dr. Boyce Watkins

People have asked me what I think about Roland Martin getting his new gig on CNN.  I can only say that IT’S ABOUT TIME!  I’ve been waiting and hoping that CNN would choose a Black personality to brand that matches all the other personalities they’ve chosen to back financially.  Their original choice of DL Hughley as the first African American personality to grace their airwaves was incredibly disrespectful, as he turned the historic election of President Obama into a modern day minstrel show.

When I first met Roland, he rubbed me the wrong way, in large part because I secretly wondered if he would ever stop talking to me (I tend to go to a quiet space when making media appearances, to help me focus on seeking truth in my commentary).  But I eventually learned that Roland is a righteous Black man who believes in what he is saying, and like my other homeboy Marc Lamont Hill, Roland has made tremendous sacrifices in order to get to where he is today (you have no idea how much sacrifice is made behind the scenes).  I’ve appeared on shows with Roland and I find him to be the most intriguing media personality to hit the national airwaves in quite a while. Roland sent me supportive text messages during my feud with Bill O’Reilly and he has always shown me love when I’ve stopped through WVON, his home radio station.

I respect Roland Martin and I am damn glad to see him finally get his shot.  It is my greatest hope that this temporary filler will turn into a show of his own.  He is a helluva lot better than Glenn Beck!

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